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proper documentation of the kiosk.cfgbackups/scripts/guiplugins/kiosk-plugin@14992
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--- a/kiosk.cfg
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@@ -1,10 +1,46 @@
+# whether we want to hide the main PdWindow
+#HideMain True
+HideMain True
+# by default, only initially opened PatchWindows are KIOSKed
+# you can apply KIOSK settings to new windows, if you set the following to "True"
+#KioskNewWindow False
KioskNewWindow False
+# whether you want to show the Menu-bar in the PatchWindows
+#ShowMenu False
ShowMenu False
+# whether PatchWindows should be fullscreen
+#FullScreen True
FullScreen True
-HideMain True
+# override the name of the PatchWindowS (display this string rather than the
+# patch-name)
+# if set to "", the original window name is displayed
+#WindowTitle "Pd KIOSK"
WindowTitle "Pd KIOSK"
-HidePopup True
-ScrollBars False
+# prevent the PatchWindow to be closed using Alt-F4, clicking on the
+# "close-window" icon and the like
+#PreventClose True
PreventClose True
+# if window closing is allowed and the main window is hidden, it is probably a
+# good idea to quit Pd, if one of the PatchWindowS is closed
+#QuitOnClose True
QuitOnClose True
+# prevent the context menu to show up on Right-Click
+#HidePopup True
+HidePopup True
+# prevent all special key-bindings (e.g. Control-W for close)
+# ordinary key-bindings are still allowed to allow users to type
+#Bindings False
Bindings False
+# disable scroll-bars to appear, even if the content does not fit on the window
+#ScrollBars False
+ScrollBars False