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+KIOSK mode for Pure Data
+KIOSK mode allows you to enable one or more of the following features
+ * hiding the main Pd-window
+ * disabling the menu bar in the patch window
+ * making a patch window to be shown at fullsreen
+ * setting a window name for the patch window (independent of the patch name)
+ * prevent closing of patch windows (using Alt-F4, clicking on the "Close
+ * Window" icon, et al.)
+ * quit Pd when a patch window is closed
+ * disable the (right click) context menu
+ * disable key-bindings (like Ctrl-N)
+ * prevent scroll bars from appearing, even if the patch content does not fit
+ * on a single window
+you can enable/disable the parts you want to by editing a kiosk.cfg file.
+this config file is searched for in the working directory of Pd, and (if not
+found) in the plugin directory of the kiosk-plugin (usually
+just copy this directoy to ~/pd-externals/kiosk-plugin/
+it will be automatically used, the next time you start Pd
+gui-plugins only work with Pd>=0.43
+IOhannes m zmölnig
+(though the fullscreen part was copied from András Murányi's "fullscreen"