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2013-10-29default values for ShowMenu and QuitBindingHEADsvn2git-headguiplugins/kiosk-pluginIOhannes m zmölnig
2013-10-28honour PD_KIOSK_CONFIG envvar for setting kiosk-config fileIOhannes m zmölnig
2013-10-28defaults should be standard-behaviourIOhannes m zmölnig
2013-04-18allow to set the geometry of the main windowIOhannes m zmölnig
2013-04-18only disable QUIT-Keys (not CLOSE)IOhannes m zmölnig
2013-04-16allow to only disable the quit bindingsIOhannes m zmölnig
2012-11-06fixing bug in KioskNewWindowIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-01check for proper input from the kiosk.cfgIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-01PreventClose and BindingsIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-01implement QuitOnCloseIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-01search cfg-file in currect_plugin_loadpathIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-01made everything settable via configuration fileIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-02-28remove scrollbars; exclude .pdwindow from per-window tweaksIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-02-28oops, did not workIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-02-28plugin for kiosk-modessvn2git-rootIOhannes m zmölnig