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+Installation-guide for iemlib under linux
+iemlib_R1.15 is written by Thomas Musil from IEM Graz Austria
+ and it is compatible to miller puckette's pd-0.36-0 and pd-0.37-0.
+see also LICENCE.txt, GnuLGPL.txt and README.txt.
+1.) open a unix-shell, login as superuser, download and copy iemlib_R1.15_lin.tgz into your source-directory
+ (e.g. /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15_lin.tgz)
+2.) untar and unzip iemlib_R1.15_lin.tgz
+ "shell"> tar xzvf iemlib_R1.15_lin.tgz
+ (and a directory iemlib_R1.15 will be created)
+3.) create an externs-directory in your pd-installation-directory (if it does not exist)
+ "shell"> mkdir /usr/local/lib/pd/externs
+4.) copy external-libraries
+ iemlib contains 4 *.pd_linux files (iem_mp3.pd_linux, iem_t3_lib.pd_linux, iemlib1.pd_linux, iemlib2.pd_linux)
+ "shell"> cp /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/*.pd_linux /usr/local/lib/pd/externs/
+5.) copy pd-abstractions-folder
+ "shell"> cp -r /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/iemabs /usr/local/lib/pd
+6.a) copy pd-help-files-folder (pd-0.36-0)
+ "shell"> cp -r /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/iemhelp /usr/local/lib/pd/doc/5.reference/
+6.b) copy pd-help-files (pd-0.37-0)
+ "shell"> cp /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/iemhelp/*.* /usr/local/lib/pd/iemabs/
+7.) add to your pd_start_script, or into your pd-resource-file ~/.pdrc,
+ the following configuration-options:
+ -path /usr/local/lib/pd/externs -path /usr/local/lib/pd/iemabs -lib iemlib1:iemlib2:iem_mp3:iem_t3_lib
+ or create an executable textfile start_pd36 with this content:
+/usr/local/bin/pd -r 44100 -channels 2 -audiobuf 160 -audiodev 1 -nomidi \
+-path /usr/local/lib/pd/externs -path /usr/local/lib/pd/iemabs \
+-lib iemlib1 -lib iemlib2 -lib iem_mp3 -lib iem_t3_lib
+How to compile iemlib under linux
+after installing iemlib:
+8.a) edit makefile of iemlib1
+ change to directory /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/src/iemlib1
+ and edit the following line of makefile and save
+ ( INCLUDE = -I. -I/usr/local/src/pd/src )
+8.b) compile iemlib1
+ "shell"> make
+ ( after this command, iemlib1.pd_linux will be created in /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/ ).
+9.a) edit makefile of iemlib2
+ change to directory /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/src/iemlib2
+ and edit the following line of makefile and save
+ ( INCLUDE = -I. -I/usr/local/src/pd/src )
+9.b) compile iemlib2
+ "shell"> make
+ ( after this command, iemlib2.pd_linux will be created in /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/ ).
+10.a) edit makefile of iem_mp3
+ change to directory /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/src/iem_mp3
+ and edit the following line of makefile and save
+ ( INCLUDE = -I. -I/usr/local/src/pd/src )
+10.b) compile iem_mp3
+ "shell"> make
+ ( after this command, iem_mp3.pd_linux will be created in /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/ ).
+11.a) edit makefile of iem_t3_lib
+ change to directory /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/src/iem_t3_lib
+ and edit the following line of makefile and save
+ ( INCLUDE = -I. -I/usr/local/src/pd/src )
+11.b) compile iem_t3_lib
+ "shell"> make
+ ( after this command, iem_t3_lib.pd_linux will be created in /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/ ).
+12.) copy external-libraries
+ "shell"> cd /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib
+ "shell"> cp /usr/local/src/iemlib_R1.15/lib/*.pd_linux /usr/local/lib/externs/
+contents of iemlib Release 1.15 from December 2003
+============================ DSP~ ===============================
+------------------------- filter~ -------------------------------
+FIR~ finite impuls response filter, with array-coefficients
+maverage~ moving average filter, (IIR + delay)
+ap1~ allpass 1.order
+ap2~ allpass 2.order
+bpq2~ bandpass 2.order with Q-inlet
+bpw2~ bandpass 2.order with bandwidth-inlet
+bsq2~ bandstop 2.order (notch) with Q-inlet
+bsw2~ bandstop 2.order (notch) with bandwidth-inlet
+hp1~ highpass 1.order
+hp2~ highpass 2.order
+lp1~ lowpass 1.order
+lp2~ lowpass 2.order
+rbpq2~ resonance-bandpass 2.order with Q-inlet
+rbpw2~ resonance-bandpass 2.order with bandwidth-inlet
+hml_shelf~ high-middle-low shelving-filter with freq- and gain-inlets
+lp1_t~ lowpass 1.order with time_constant inlet
+para_bp2~ parametrical bandpass 2. order with freq-, Q- and gain-inlet
+hp2_butt~, hp3_butt~, hp4_butt~, hp5_butt~, hp6_butt~, hp7_butt~,
+hp8_butt~, hp9_butt~, hp10_butt~
+ highpass with butterworth characteristic
+hp2_cheb~, hp3_cheb~, hp4_cheb~, hp5_cheb~, hp6_cheb~, hp7_cheb~,
+hp8_cheb~, hp9_cheb~, hp10_cheb~
+ highpass with chebyshev characteristic
+hp2_bess~, hp3_bess~, hp4_bess~, hp5_bess~, hp6_bess~, hp7_bess~,
+hp8_bess~, hp9_bess~, hp10_bess~
+ highpass with bessel characteristic
+hp2_crit~, hp3_crit~, hp4_crit~, hp5_crit~, hp6_crit~, hp7_crit~,
+hp8_crit~, hp9_crit~, hp10_crit~
+ highpass with critical damping
+lp2_butt~, lp3_butt~, lp4_butt~, lp5_butt~, lp6_butt~, lp7_butt~,
+lp8_butt~, lp9_butt~, lp10_butt~
+ lowpass with butterworth characteristic
+lp2_cheb~, lp3_cheb~, lp4_cheb~, lp5_cheb~, lp6_cheb~, lp7_cheb~,
+lp8_cheb~, lp9_cheb~, lp10_cheb~
+ lowpass with chebyshev characteristic
+lp2_bess~, lp3_bess~, lp4_bess~, lp5_bess~, lp6_bess~, lp7_bess~,
+lp8_bess~, lp9_bess~, lp10_bess~
+ lowpass with bessel characteristic
+lp2_crit~, lp3_crit~, lp4_crit~, lp5_crit~, lp6_crit~, lp7_crit~,
+lp8_crit~, lp9_crit~, lp10_crit~
+ lowpass with critical damping
+vcf_hp2~, vcf_hp4~, vcf_hp6~, vcf_hp8~
+ highpass with freq- and Q-signal-inlets
+vcf_lp2~, vcf_lp4~, vcf_lp6~, vcf_lp8~
+ lowpass with freq- and Q-signal-inlets
+vcf_bp2~, vcf_bp4~, vcf_bp6~, vcf_bp8~
+ bandpass with freq- and Q-signal-inlets
+vcf_rbp2~, vcf_rbp4~, vcf_rbp6~, vcf_rbp8~
+ resonance-bandpass with freq- and Q-signal-inlets
+------------------------ arithmetic~ ----------------------------
+addl~ signal-addition with line~
+divl~ signal-divison with line~
+mull~ signal-multiplication with line~
+subl~ signal-subtraction with line~
+------------------------- converter~ ----------------------------
+prvu~ peak and rms VU-meter interface
+pvu~ peak VU-meter interface
+rvu~ rms VU-meter interface
+unsig~ signal to float converter
+------------------ t3~ - time-tagged-trigger --------------------
+-- inputmessages allow a sample-accurate access to signalshape --
+t3_sig~ time tagged trigger sig~
+t3_line~ time tagged trigger line~
+--------------------------- misc~ -------------------------------
+fade~ fade-in fade-out shaper (need line~)
+iem_blocksize~ blocksize of a window in samples
+iem_samplerate~ samplerate of a window in Hertz
+int_fract~ split signal-float to integer- and fractal-part
+LFO_noise~ downsampled 2-point interpolated white noise
+mp3play~ mp3 stereo player
+peakenv~ peak envelope shaper
+pink~ pink noise
+round~ round signal-float to nearest integer
+sin_phase~ output phase-difference of 2 sinewaves in samples
+========================= control ==============================
+------------- gui (included into millers pd) --------------------
+bng bang, display and generate a bang-message
+cnv canvas, colored background and text
+hdl horizontal dial, for multiplex usage
+hradio horizontal radiobutton, only float in/out
+hsl horizontal slider
+nbx numberbox, the second
+tgl 2 state toggle
+vdl vertical dial, for multiplex usage
+vradio vertical radiobutton, only float in/out
+vsl vertical slider
+vu vu-meter, display rms- + peak-level in dB
+--------------------- float operating -------------------------
+1p1z float-message-filter 1.order
+db2v db to rms
+dbtofad midi-db to fader-characteristic
+fadtodb fader-characteristic to midi-db
+fadtorms fader-characteristic to rms
+rmstofad rms to fader-characteristic
+round_zero round numbers near zero to zero
+speedlim reduce speed of a numeric stream
+split3 part a numeric stream into 3 ways
+split part a numeric stream into 2 ways (like moses)
+transf_fader partial linear characteristic diagram (like table)
+v2db rms to db
+wrap wraparound
+-------------------- symbol operating -------------------------
+mergefilename merge a list of symbols together
+splitfilename divide a symbol into 2 parts
+stripfilename strip n characters of a symbol
+unsymbol convert a symbol- to a anything-message
+------------------- anything operating ------------------------
+any store and recall any message (like f, or symbol)
+iem_append append a message to any messages (obsolete: merge_any)
+iem_prepend prepend a message to any messages (abbr. pp or prepend)
+-------------------------- init -------------------------------
+default replace initial-argument, if it is zero
+dollarg receive parent initial-arguments (abbr. $n)
+dsp control audio-engine, calculate dsp-performance (aka. dsp~)
+float24 store a 24-bit accurate float-number
+init initialize a message via loadbang (abbr. ii)
+once any message pass through only the first time
+------------------------- counter -----------------------------
+exp_inc exponential increment counter (bang triggered)
+for++ incremental counter (triggered by internal metro)
+modulo_counter endless loop counter (bang triggered)
+-------------------------- misc -------------------------------
+add2_comma add a comma-separated message to a messagebox
+bpe break point envelope controller
+f2note frequency to midi+cents+note
+gate interruptible message connection (like spigot)
+iem_i_route variation of route (abbr. iiroute)
+iem_receive catch "sent" messages (receive-name-input) (abbr. iem_r)
+iem_route improvement of route
+iem_sel_any control a message-box with multiple content
+iem_send send messages to named object (send-name-input)(ab. iem_s)
+pre_inlet output an identifier-message and then the incoming message
+prepend_ascii output an identifier-message and then the incoming message
+soundfile_info output header-info of a wav-file
+toggle_mess control a message-box with multiple content (abbr. tm)
+------------------- parameter handling ------------------------
+iem_pbank_csv parameter memory manager (csv-format) (like textfile)
+list2send array of send-objects
+receive2list array of receive-objects
+--------------- t3 - time-tagged-trigger ---------------------
+----------- a time-tag is prepended to each message -----------
+----- so these objects allow a sample-accurate access to ------
+---------- the signal-objects t3_sig~ and t3_line~ ------------
+t3_bpe time tagged trigger break point envelope
+t3_delay time tagged trigger delay
+t3_metro time tagged trigger metronom
+t3_timer time tagged trigger timer
+-------------- obsolete ---------------------------------------