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updated for release-1.16
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-contents of iemlib Release 1.15 from December 2003
+contents of iemlib Release 1.16 from May 2005
============================ DSP~ ===============================
@@ -131,11 +131,12 @@ iem_prepend prepend a message to any messages (abbr. pp or prepend)
-------------------------- init -------------------------------
default replace initial-argument, if it is zero
-dollarg receive parent initial-arguments (abbr. $n)
+dollarg output parent initial-arguments (abbr. $n)
dsp control audio-engine, calculate dsp-performance (aka. dsp~)
float24 store a 24-bit accurate float-number
init initialize a message via loadbang (abbr. ii)
once any message pass through only the first time
+parentdollarzero output parent $0-unique symbol (abbr. parent$0 )
------------------------- counter -----------------------------
exp_inc exponential increment counter (bang triggered)