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Installation-guide for iemlib under windows (win_xp, win2k, win_me, win_nt or win98)iemlib_R1.16 is written by Thomas Musil from IEM Graz Austria and it is compatible to miller puckette's pd-0.39-2.see also LICENCE.txt, GnuLGPL.txt and README.txt.1.) download and copy iemlib_R1.16_win.zip into your pd-installation-directory ( e.g. C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16_win.zip )2.) unzip iemlib_R1.16_win.zip winzip create a directory    C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\3.) copy external-libraries iemlib contains 4 *.dll-files ( iem_mp3.dll, iem_t3_lib.dll, iemlib1.dll, iemlib2.dll ) ( e.g. copy C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib\*.dll  -->  C:\Programs\pd\extra\ )4.) copy pd-help-files-folder( e.g. copy C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\iemhelp\  -->  C:\Programs\pd\doc\5.reference\iemhelp\ )5.) add to your pd_0.39-2_start.bat the following configuration-options: -path C:/Programs/pd/iemlib_R1.16/iemabs -lib iemlib1;iemlib2;iem_mp3;iem_t3_libor create a textfile pd_0.39-2_start.bat with this content:@echo offset PD_INSTALL=C:\Programme\pd\binset PD_AUDIO=-r 44100 -audiobuf 160set PD_MIDI=-nomidiset PD_PATH=-path C:/Programs/pd/iemlib_R1.16/iemabsset PD_LIB=-lib iemlib1;iemlib2;iem_mp3;iem_t3_lib@echo starting pd ...%PD_INSTALL%\pd %PD_AUDIO% %PD_MIDI% %PD_PATH% %PD_LIB%How to compile iemlib under windowsafter installing iemlib and if You are owner of a VCC++ compiler:6.a) edit makefile_win of iemlib1 change to directory C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\iemlib1 and edit following lines of makefile_win and save ( VIS_CPP_PATH = ""  and  PD_INST_PATH = "" )6.b) compile iemlib1 doubleclick iemlib1.dsw, VCC++ will start, Menue: build/configuration = Release , Menue: build/build all , ( after this command, iemlib1.dll will be created in C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib ).7.a) edit makefile_win of iemlib2 change to directory C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\iemlib2 and edit following lines of makefile_win and save ( VIS_CPP_PATH = ""  and  PD_INST_PATH = "" )7.b) compile iemlib2 doubleclick iemlib2.dsw, VCC++ will start, Menue: build/configuration = Release , Menue: build/build all , ( after this command, iemlib2.dll will be created in C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib ).8.a) edit makefile_win of iem_mp3 change to directory C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\iem_mp3 and edit following lines of makefile_win and save ( VIS_CPP_PATH = ""  and  PD_INST_PATH = "" )8.b) compile iem_mp3 doubleclick iem_mp3.dsw, VCC++ will start, Menue: build/configuration = Release , Menue: build/build all , ( after this command, iem_mp3.dll will be created in C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib ).9.a) edit makefile_win of iem_t3_lib change to directory C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\iem_t3_lib and edit following lines of makefile_win and save ( VIS_CPP_PATH = ""  and  PD_INST_PATH = "" )9.b) compile iem_t3_lib doubleclick iem_t3_lib.dsw, VCC++ will start, Menue: build/configuration = Release , Menue: build/build all , ( after this command, iem_t3_lib.dll will be created in C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib ).10.) copy external-libraries change to C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib\ ( e.g. copy C:\Programs\pd\iemlib_R1.16\lib\*.dll  -->  C:\Programs\pd\extra\ )contents of iemlib Release 1.16 from May 2005============================ DSP~ ===============================------------------------- filter~ -------------------------------FIR~		 finite impuls response filter, with array-coefficientsmaverage~	 moving average filter, (IIR + delay)ap1~		 allpass 1.orderap2~		 allpass 2.orderbpq2~		 bandpass 2.order with Q-inletbpw2~		 bandpass 2.order with bandwidth-inletbsq2~		 bandstop 2.order (notch) with Q-inletbsw2~		 bandstop 2.order (notch) with bandwidth-inlethp1~		 highpass 1.orderhp2~		 highpass 2.orderlp1~		 lowpass 1.orderlp2~		 lowpass 2.orderrbpq2~		 resonance-bandpass 2.order with Q-inletrbpw2~		 resonance-bandpass 2.order with bandwidth-inlethml_shelf~	 high-middle-low shelving-filter with freq- and gain-inletslp1_t~		 lowpass 1.order with time_constant inletpara_bp2~	 parametrical bandpass 2. order with freq-, Q- and gain-inlethp2_butt~, hp3_butt~, hp4_butt~, hp5_butt~, hp6_butt~, hp7_butt~,hp8_butt~, hp9_butt~, hp10_butt~	highpass with butterworth characteristichp2_cheb~, hp3_cheb~, hp4_cheb~, hp5_cheb~, hp6_cheb~, hp7_cheb~,hp8_cheb~, hp9_cheb~, hp10_cheb~	highpass with chebyshev characteristichp2_bess~, hp3_bess~, hp4_bess~, hp5_bess~, hp6_bess~, hp7_bess~,hp8_bess~, hp9_bess~, hp10_bess~	highpass with bessel characteristichp2_crit~, hp3_crit~, hp4_crit~, hp5_crit~, hp6_crit~, hp7_crit~,hp8_crit~, hp9_crit~, hp10_crit~	highpass with critical dampinglp2_butt~, lp3_butt~, lp4_butt~, lp5_butt~, lp6_butt~, lp7_butt~,lp8_butt~, lp9_butt~, lp10_butt~	lowpass with butterworth characteristiclp2_cheb~, lp3_cheb~, lp4_cheb~, lp5_cheb~, lp6_cheb~, lp7_cheb~,lp8_cheb~, lp9_cheb~, lp10_cheb~	lowpass with chebyshev characteristiclp2_bess~, lp3_bess~, lp4_bess~, lp5_bess~, lp6_bess~, lp7_bess~,lp8_bess~, lp9_bess~, lp10_bess~	lowpass with bessel characteristiclp2_crit~, lp3_crit~, lp4_crit~, lp5_crit~, lp6_crit~, lp7_crit~,lp8_crit~, lp9_crit~, lp10_crit~	lowpass with critical dampingvcf_hp2~, vcf_hp4~, vcf_hp6~, vcf_hp8~	highpass with freq- and Q-signal-inletsvcf_lp2~, vcf_lp4~, vcf_lp6~, vcf_lp8~	lowpass with freq- and Q-signal-inletsvcf_bp2~, vcf_bp4~, vcf_bp6~, vcf_bp8~	bandpass with freq- and Q-signal-inletsvcf_rbp2~, vcf_rbp4~, vcf_rbp6~, vcf_rbp8~	resonance-bandpass with freq- and Q-signal-inlets------------------------ arithmetic~ ----------------------------addl~		 signal-addition with line~divl~		 signal-divison with line~mull~		 signal-multiplication with line~subl~		 signal-subtraction with line~------------------------- converter~ ----------------------------prvu~		 peak and rms VU-meter interfacepvu~		 peak VU-meter interfacervu~		 rms VU-meter interfaceunsig~		 signal to float converter------------------ t3~ - time-tagged-trigger ---------------------- inputmessages allow a sample-accurate access to signalshape --t3_sig~		 time tagged trigger sig~t3_line~	 time tagged trigger line~--------------------------- misc~ -------------------------------fade~		 fade-in fade-out shaper (need line~)iem_blocksize~	 blocksize of a window in samplesiem_samplerate~	 samplerate of a window in Hertzint_fract~	 split signal-float to integer- and fractal-partLFO_noise~	 downsampled 2-point interpolated white noisemp3play~	 mp3 stereo playerpeakenv~	 peak envelope shaperpink~		 pink noiseround~		 round signal-float to nearest integersin_phase~	 output phase-difference of 2 sinewaves in samples========================= control ==============================------------- gui (included into millers pd) --------------------bng		 bang, display and generate a bang-messagecnv		 canvas, colored background and texthdl		 horizontal dial, for multiplex usagehradio		 horizontal radiobutton, only float in/outhsl		 horizontal slidernbx		 numberbox, the secondtgl		 2 state togglevdl		 vertical dial, for multiplex usagevradio		 vertical radiobutton, only float in/outvsl		 vertical slidervu		 vu-meter, display rms- + peak-level in dB--------------------- float operating -------------------------1p1z		 float-message-filter 1.orderdb2v		 db to rmsdbtofad		 midi-db to fader-characteristicfadtodb		 fader-characteristic to midi-dbfadtorms	 fader-characteristic to rmsrmstofad	 rms to fader-characteristicround_zero	 round numbers near zero to zerospeedlim	 reduce speed of a numeric streamsplit3		 part a numeric stream into 3 wayssplit		 part a numeric stream into 2 ways (like moses)transf_fader	 partial linear characteristic diagram (like table)v2db		 rms to dbwrap		 wraparound-------------------- symbol operating -------------------------mergefilename	 merge a list of symbols togethersplitfilename	 divide a symbol into 2 partsstripfilename	 strip n characters of a symbolunsymbol	 convert a symbol- to a anything-message------------------- anything operating ------------------------any		 store and recall any message (like f, or symbol)iem_append	 append a message to any messages (obsolete: merge_any)iem_prepend	 prepend a message to any messages (abbr. pp or prepend)-------------------------- init -------------------------------default		 replace initial-argument, if it is zerodollarg		 receive parent initial-arguments (abbr. $n)dsp		 control audio-engine, calculate dsp-performance (aka. dsp~)float24		 store a 24-bit accurate float-numberinit		 initialize a message via loadbang (abbr. ii)once		 any message pass through only the first time------------------------- counter -----------------------------exp_inc		 exponential increment counter (bang triggered)for++		 incremental counter (triggered by internal metro)modulo_counter	 endless loop counter (bang triggered)-------------------------- misc -------------------------------add2_comma	 add a comma-separated message to a messagebox bpe		 break point envelope controllerf2note		 frequency to midi+cents+notegate		 interruptible message connection (like spigot)iem_i_route	 variation of route (abbr. iiroute)iem_receive	 catch "sent" messages (receive-name-input) (abbr. iem_r)iem_route	 improvement of routeiem_sel_any	 control a message-box with multiple contentiem_send	 send messages to named object (send-name-input)(ab. iem_s)pre_inlet	 output an identifier-message and then the incoming messageprepend_ascii    output an identifier-message and then the incoming messagesoundfile_info	 output header-info of a wav-filetoggle_mess	 control a message-box with multiple content (abbr. tm)------------------- parameter handling ------------------------iem_pbank_csv	 parameter memory manager (csv-format) (like textfile)list2send	 array of send-objectsreceive2list	 array of receive-objects--------------- t3 - time-tagged-trigger  -------------------------------- a time-tag is prepended to each message ---------------- so these objects allow a sample-accurate access to ---------------- the signal-objects t3_sig~ and t3_line~ ------------t3_bpe		 time tagged trigger break point envelopet3_delay	 time tagged trigger delayt3_metro	 time tagged trigger metronomt3_timer	 time tagged trigger timer-------------- obsolete ---------------------------------------post_netreceivepre_netsend