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+Installation/Compilation instructions for "iemmatrix"
+1) linux (and other autoconf-systems):
+ "cd" into iemmatrix/src/
+ run "./configure" (see "./configure --help" for valid options)
+ run "make"
+ run "make install"
+ enjoy.
+ this should install iemmatrix into /usr/local/lib/pd (unless you specify otherwise)
+ the dynamic-lib (iemmatrix.pd_linux) is installed into extra/
+ the configure-script tries to detect whether you are running a pd>=0.37; if so, the
+ help-patches are installed into extra/iemmatrix; if you are running an old version
+ of pd, the help-files will be installed into doc/5.reference/iemmatrix
+CrossCompilation for w32 with MinGW (http://www.mingw.org) on linux-systems
+ you need a cross-compilation tool-chain for windows (there is a debian-package mingw32)
+ set the CC-environment-variable to the cross-compiler and export it
+ set the STRIP-environment-variable to the strip-version that comes with the toolchain and export it
+ set the CFLAGS-environment-variable to "-mms-bitfields" and export it (this is highly necessary to
+ run the external if pd was compiled with M$-vc)
+ run "./configure" and specify the path to your "m_pd.h" (with --includedir) and to your "pd.lib" (with --libdir)
+ don't forget to override the default extension ("pd_linux" on linux-systems) with the more appropriate "dll".
+ on bash this looks like:
+ % export CC=i586-mingw32msvc-cc
+ % export STRIP=i586-mingw32msvc-strip
+ % export CFLAGS=-mms-bitfields
+ % ./configure --includedir=/path/to/w32-pd/src/ -libdir=/path/to/w32-pd/bin/ -with-extension=dll
+ now run "make" and enjoy.
+2) mac OS-X:
+ there is nothing special in the code, so it should compile out of the box:
+ "cd" to iemmatrix/src
+ run "./configure; make" (for further details please see "1) linux")
+3) irix:
+ i don't have any irix machine at hand, so i don't know whether it works
+ but again, since iemmatrix does not use anything special, it should work out of the box
+ try using configure in iemmatrix/src
+ (for further details please see "1) linux")
+4) W32:
+ with MinGW installed, you probably might be able to use the configure in iemmatrix/src
+ users have reported that they were able to build it (with problems)
+ http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2005-05/028266.html
+ i will support a makefile for msvc as soon as i boot into windows again
+5) FreeBSD et al:
+ i don't know, but why shouldn't it run there ?
+ try the configure in iemmatrix/src
+ and report any success or failure