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explain how to use the "enable-fat-binary" flag
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there is nothing special in the code, so it should compile out of the box:
"cd" to iemmatrix/src
- run "aclocal; autoconf; ./configure; make" (for further details please see "1) linux")
- (e.g. "./configure --with-pd=/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources")
+ run "./bootstrap.sh; ./configure; make" (for further details please see "1) linux")
+ building with a special version of Pd:
+ to build iemmatrix with your special version of Pd, you should specify the path to your Pd ressources
+ (e.g. "./configure --with-pd=/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources")
+ fat-binaries
+ if you want to build a multi-arch binary you have to specify this as well
+ (e.g. "./configure --enable-fat-binary=i386,ppc --with-extension=d_fat")
3) irix: