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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-07removed traces of old build-system/updated docsIOhannes m zmölnig
2014-09-08run OSX linker tests before generic unix onesIOhannes m zmölnig
2012-06-05improved check for fftwFranz Zotter
2011-02-21[mtx_bessel] extended to gsl/gsl_sf_bessel.h supportFranz Zotter
2011-02-10moved iemmatrix-meta.pd into rootIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-30generate version.txt & iemmatrix-meta.pdIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-30use standard names (PACKAGE_* rather than LIBRARAY_*)IOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-30disabled the VERSION checkIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-30AC_INIT including versionIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-25fixed check for jnfIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-25trying to fix build problems with Bessel function "jnf" from math.h (not all ...Franz Zotter
2009-09-27silly pdpath bugdmotd
2009-05-06put the checks for "-mms-bitfields" _after_ the check for universal binariesIOhannes m zmölnig
2009-05-06(hopefully) better handling of the arch-stuff: keeping cppflags and cflags se...IOhannes m zmölnig
2009-04-09use for fat binaries (on demand)IOhannes m zmölnig
2009-01-15considered dependency of [mtx_eig] for complex eigenvalues on recent gsl vers...Franz Zotter
2009-01-15corrected the dependency of [mtx_eig] on recent gsl versionsFranz Zotter
2009-01-09added [mtx_svd] for singular value decomposition with the GNU scientific libr...Franz Zotter
2008-11-03added checks for sndfile to configure; properly use this in mtx_sndfilereadIOhannes m zmölnig
2008-07-22added check for fftw3;IOhannes m zmölnig
2006-12-08use zexy's build-system, which generates Make.config rather thanIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-07-25we no longer support a different help-file location for pd<0.37; now everythi...IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-12-15eased cross-compilationIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-13better check for strip and friendsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-07don't include c-files (iemmatrix.c used to include iemmatrix_sources.c)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-09-20changed checks for STRIP (but really look at how we did that in Gem)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-09-15automatic dependency generationIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-06-09more support for mingw (just give the "host" at configure-time)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-05-20added -fPICIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-05-17now using configure.ac instead of configure.in (which is deprecated)IOhannes m zmölnig