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Changed PSO to the "new" (build.sh pd gcc) install method inline with current flext.
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-These objects where developed under Linux and have been tested
-on Linux. The objects should also compile under all other flext capable platforms.
-makefiles have only been provided for OSX and Linux.
+The objects have been tested on Mac OS X (10.4) and Linux. Everything should
+build fine under Windows using the usual flext install method.
-Note: Flext is required to compile this external!
+The following instructions have been written by Thomas Grill for the xsample
+flext external.
-To build & Install (under linux):
+BUILDING from source
- edit config-pd-linux.txt to suit your needs
+You will need the flext C++ layer for PD and Max/MSP externals to compile this.
+See http://grrrr.org/ext/flext
+Download, install and compile the package.
- make -f makefile.pd-linux
-To build & Install (under OSX):
+pd/Max - Windows - Microsoft Visual C, Borland C++, MinGW:
+Start a command shell with your eventual build environment
+(e.g. run vcvars32.bat for Microsoft Visual Studio)
- edit config-pd-darwin.txt to suit your needs
+then run
+ ..\flext\build.bat
+(you would have to substitute ..\flext with the respective path to the flext package)
- make -f makefile.pd-darwin
-See http://www.ekran.org/ben/research/pso for binary PD and MAX releases.
+pd/Max - OSX/Linux - GCC:
+From a shell run
+bash ../flext/build.sh
+(you would have to substitute ../flext with the respective path to the flext package)