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2008-11-19made code-files non-executableIOhannes m zmölnig
svn path=/trunk/externals/clr/; revision=10370
2006-04-18implemented class-based method managementThomas Grill
very fast native-to-managed transition most of the logic transferred to the CLR side svn path=/trunk/externals/clr/; revision=4931
2006-03-08some small additions, like ability to set pd class typeThomas Grill
svn path=/trunk/externals/clr/; revision=4659
2006-03-07restructured project (MSVC can't cope well with folder/classname mismatch)Thomas Grill
search for CLR DLLs in PD path first steps to efficient method handling svn path=/trunk/externals/clr/; revision=4656