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2015-07-05Break should work on Windows too.Martin Peach
2015-07-05Added break method to set or clear serial line break (continuous stream of ze...Martin Peach
2012-03-09instead of just closing a lost connection, retry for a settable number of triesHans-Christoph Steiner
2010-01-29Attempt to make reception more efficient in linux by reading the number of by...Martin Peach
2008-09-16cleaned up the help patch some more...Martin Peach
2007-10-11Added list method and modified help patch. Changed hupcl so Windows doesn't s...Martin Peach
2007-10-10added HUPCL support in an attempt to get things working better with the Ardui...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-07-19Added 'ports' method to output list of available ports on status outlet.Martin Peach
2006-11-02added open status to the [info( reportHans-Christoph Steiner
2006-10-04update to reflect new comport messagesMartin Peach
2006-09-26update help file to match new messagesMartin Peach
2006-07-09updated to reflect new comport statusMartin Peach
2006-06-21*** empty log message ***Martin Peach
2006-05-21added serial port device name globbing for UNIX; added Piotr Majdak's Win32 i...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2005-04-13help patch renamedWinfried Ritsch