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+64k a beat shuffler using raw 64k/break sample banks
+bdft,bdfts set decay time (ms/sec) and osc frequency (for bdiag~)
+bhip~ butterworth high pass filter
+blop~ butterworth low pass filter
+bpm convert bpm to metro time and phasor freq
+count modulo counter
+eadh~ exponential attack decay (with hold == duration)
+eadsrh~ exponential attack decay sustain release (..)
+fblock block relative frequency conversion
+inv inverse
+pdynwav~ phasor~ + dynwav~
+scale7 arbitrary 7 tone scale
+vols~ volume for a stereo signal
+vol~ volume for a mono signal
+ffpoly finite field polynomial
+fwarp tangent warp frequency
+ratio multiply by 2^k so result is 1<=r<2 (transposer)
+tilde externs
+abs~ absolute value
+bdiag~ block diagonal state space system (spectral processor)
+bfft~ reordered fft
+cheby~ chebychev polynomial waveshaper
+diag~ diagonal state space system (spectral processor)
+dist~ several distortions & waveshaping functions
+dwt~ discrete wavelet transform
+idwt~ inverse
+dynwav~ dynamic wavetable: use a signal block as wavetable
+ead~ exp. attack decay
+eadsr~ exp. attack decay sustain release
+ear~ exp. attack release
+lattice~ lattice filter
+matrix~ multiply a signal block with an arbitrary matrix
+permut~ random permute a signal block
+qmult~ multiply 2 quaternion signals
+qnorm~ normalize a quaternion signal (or any 4 channel sig)
+ramp~ generates an integer ramp
+statwav~ a tabread4~ clone with 8 point interpolation
+tabreadmix~ a tabread~ clone with overlap add (for smooth time stretch)
+xfm~ coupled frequency modulation
+biquadseries~ biquad second order sections (i.e. butterworth)
+filterortho~ several biquad filters, orthogonal implementation