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2010-09-15remove -mcpu/-mtune flags as it breaks x64 build. we should eventually figure...HEADsvn2git-headexternals/ffextmescalinum
2010-08-20use libsamplerate and high level methods for building framesmescalinum
2010-08-19add generation of random framesmescalinum
2010-08-19messing up with sampleratemescalinum
2010-08-19update help patch with commands from TMS5220's datasheetmescalinum
2010-08-19TMS5220 chip emulation - add reference to IC datasheetmescalinum
2010-08-19TMS5220 chip emulationmescalinum
2009-10-22atoi and atof externalsmescalinum
2009-10-02forgot 1 thingmescalinum
2009-10-02readd pd_linux/pd_darwin/... targetmescalinum
2009-09-27remove debug prints in release buildmescalinum
2009-09-27also save div1/div2 settings to in-patch metadatamescalinum
2009-09-27- new feature: in-patch metadatamescalinum
2009-09-27make cut/copy/paste or any other data write work properlymescalinum
2009-09-26add unimplemented features (copy & resize pattern)mescalinum
2009-09-26- fix update issues with resize/rename/creationmescalinum
2009-09-26restored normality (editor/pd protocol and load/save in-patch data)mescalinum
2009-09-26beware: (ab)using Makefiles may lead to severe injury to yourselfmescalinum
2009-09-26autogeneration of headers, class setup, call wrappersmescalinum
2009-09-25add editor: old code, new black magic (comm protocol still to implement)mescalinum
2009-09-25rewrite in C++mescalinum
2009-09-23add DEBUG variablemescalinum
2009-08-20 - Added preliminary support for song view in window.tkmescalinum
2009-08-19[song] is bornmescalinum
2009-08-19add todomescalinum
2009-08-19Fix handling of empty symbolmescalinum
2009-08-19further fix data load/save. allow multiple tracks per patch file.mescalinum
2009-08-19Fix data saving and remove old tk codemescalinum
2009-08-18small fixes:mescalinum
2009-08-18import sourcesmescalinum
2009-06-09replaced -export_dynamic with --export-dynamic and -Wl,--export-dynamic whereHans-Christoph Steiner
2009-01-26I just went through all of the externals that include t_tk.h and found thatHans-Christoph Steiner
2008-12-20fix cflags for amd64N.N.
2007-10-29Following this thread:Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-09-30typo in darwin makefileN.N.
2007-09-29*** empty log message ***N.N.
2007-09-29release 0.2.3 - you should really try thisN.N.
2007-09-23fixed a bug in getitem (thanks Patrice Colet)N.N.
2007-09-22added send/receive support, makefile for pd_darwinN.N.
2007-09-22updated help patchN.N.
2007-09-22minor fixes to makefileN.N.
2007-09-21new release: added load/save/more optionsN.N.
2007-09-20new gui external: trackerN.N.
2007-09-18new external: notemonosvn2git-rootN.N.