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2008-06-19removed the svn:executable bit for code, patches and textIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-01-21added all maxlib chordsDavide Morelli
2006-01-21all msvc project files centralized in frankenstein.slnDavide Morelli
2006-01-15adding voicing_analyzer and fixing typosDavide Morelli
2005-12-28created the dummy variation functionDavide Morelli
2005-12-28fixed rhythms recognitionDavide Morelli
2005-12-27added rhythms playing. still need debuggingDavide Morelli
2005-12-22fixed a bug in duration2int, now rhythms_memory workingDavide Morelli
2005-12-22dummy rhythms_memory working, still buggyDavide Morelli
2005-12-08minor fixes but main bug still presentDavide Morelli
2005-12-07still buggy.. the rhythms..Davide Morelli
2005-12-07first version of rhythms_memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06added simpler functions to manage the rhythms memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06finding rhythm functions readyDavide Morelli
2005-12-05workig on rhythm findingDavide Morelli
2005-12-05almost ready with common functions for rhythmsDavide Morelli
2005-12-04changed from durations to start styleDavide Morelli
2005-12-03again some more common functionsDavide Morelli
2005-12-02added switching style functionsDavide Morelli
2005-12-02adding rhythms memory graphDavide Morelli
2005-12-01going on with functionsDavide Morelli
2005-11-30going little further with common functionsDavide Morelli
2005-11-29adding shared functionsDavide Morelli