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2010-11-02switched g_canvas.h includes to use "" rather than <> so it can use g_canvas....Hans-Christoph Steiner
2009-10-26be a good boy and unbind the receive symbol when freeing, bug pointed out by ...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2009-04-13now Tcl does the polling using 'after 10' making for a lot less messages betw...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2009-04-12- made a single "proc_test" function to test if any of the cursor procs existHans-Christoph Steiner
2009-04-11got bind/unbind workingHans-Christoph Steiner
2009-04-11got the basics of a global send and a Tcl unbind function working for theHans-Christoph Steiner
2008-08-27merged in relevant changes from the v0-40 pd-extended release branchHans-Christoph Steiner
2007-11-08bind to . instead of all to get absolute cursor position rather than canvas c...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-11-06- updated to work with set_cursors_in_tcl-0.41-test06.patch (patch #1826507),Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-10-31added bang method and made button and wheel events always be reported, not on...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-10-31first working sketch of the cursor object getting data from the system mouse ...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2007-10-29Following this thread:Hans-Christoph Steiner
2006-03-17rough start at a cursor object, I need help with Pd GUI programmingHans-Christoph Steiner