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authorHans-Christoph Steiner <eighthave@users.sourceforge.net>2006-12-08 06:33:26 +0000
committerHans-Christoph Steiner <eighthave@users.sourceforge.net>2006-12-08 06:33:26 +0000
commit732d359c182794df20e78b4e00db4c5bf123dfec (patch)
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- laid out new event labeling scheme based more on USB HID rather than Linux
input.h. It works on my devices on my Mac OS X. I probably broke Linux support. The scheme is in a new file, hidio_types.c - all event symbols except the vendor-defined usage are generated in hidio_setup(). The symbols for vendor-defined usages are generated when the device's element list is built. - changed macros to work cleanly when compiled on Windows using MinGW gcc - fixed up help file to better represent the state of things (still could be much better) svn path=/trunk/externals/io/hidio/; revision=6718
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diff --git a/hidio_linux.c b/hidio_linux.c
index a7e1c1c..7da4ff9 100644
--- a/hidio_linux.c
+++ b/hidio_linux.c
@@ -15,6 +15,12 @@
#include "hidio.h"
+ * this is automatically generated from linux/input.h by
+ * make-arrays-from-input.h.pl to be the cross-platform event types and codes
+ */
+#include "input_arrays.h"
#define DEBUG(x)
//#define DEBUG(x) x