BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
externals/tofremoved erroneous keyword from META subpatchJonathan Wilkes10 years
svn2git-headcommit 84f63f9af8...IOhannes m zmölnig7 years
svn2git-rootcommit 31f625c4e5...IOhannes m zmölnig7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-12-03removed erroneous keyword from META subpatchHEADsvn2git-headexternals/tofJonathan Wilkes
2011-10-25updated to support 0.43 (renamed pdtk_enquote to enquote_path and added after...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2011-10-19port to 0.43's pdsend proc in pd-guiHans-Christoph Steiner
2011-10-04Added META subpatchJonathan Wilkes
2011-08-01replace .x%x 32-bit only canvas id with .x%lx canvas id which supports 32-bit...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2011-01-19Fixed an os issue in pmenuThomas O Fredericks
2010-10-24Added an outlet to pmenu and added the storing of floatsThomas O Fredericks
2010-10-15Added propertybang to paramGuiThomas O Fredericks
2010-10-14Removed absolute paths from param guiThomas O Fredericks
2010-10-14Updated my MakefileThomas O Fredericks