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+iemlib Release 1.15:
+all signal-filters are more stable
+speedlim lost its change-characteristic
+iem_pbank_csv lost its 3.arg, but got a buffer and more
+ recall-options
+more high-order IIR-filters
+ (odd order 3. 5. 7. 9.)
+ (critical damping and bessel-characteristic)
+more VCFs with signal-parameters
+ (vcf_hp~, vcf_bp~, vcf_rbp~)
+addl~ signal-addition with line~
+divl~ signal-divison with line~
+mull~ signal-multiplication with line~
+subl~ signal-subtraction with line~
+rvu~ rms VU-meter interface
+iem_blocksize~ blocksize of a window in samples
+iem_samplerate~ samplerate of a window in Hertz
+int_fract~ split signal-float to integer- and fractal-part
+round~ round signal-float to nearest integer
+sin_phase~ output phase-difference of 2 sinewaves in samples
+1p1z float-message-filter 1.order
+dbtofad midi-db to fader-characteristic
+fadtodb fader-characteristic to midi-db
+fadtorms fader-characteristic to rms
+rmstofad rms to fader-characteristic
+round_zero round numbers near zero to zero
+transf_fader partial linear characteristic diagram (like table)
+wrap wraparound
+default replace initial-argument, if it is zero
+float24 store a 24-bit accurate float-number
+once any message pass through only the first time
+add2_comma add a comma-separated message to a messagebox
+iem_receive catch "sent" messages (receive-name-input) (abbr. iem_r)
+iem_sel_any control a message-box with multiple content
+iem_send send messages to named object (send-name-input)(ab. iem_s)
+pre_inlet output an identifier-message and then the incoming message
+soundfile_info output header-info of a wav-file
+name-changes (but compatible aliases):
+merge_any -> iem_append
+prepend -> iem_prepend
+incompatible changes:
+post_netreceive -> list2send array of send-objects
+pre_netsend -> receive2list array of receive-objects