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2006-12-09// class_sethelpsymbol();musil
2006-11-29activate IEM_DENORMAL for __x86_64__ architectures tooIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-11-29use A_SYMBOL instead of A_DEFSYMBOL to prevent crashes when creating [vcf_fil...IOhannes m zmölnig
2006-11-12reduced compiler warnings by avoiding variable shadowingIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-11-09#include again string.hmusil
2006-11-08fix makefilesmusil
2006-11-08changed sig*.c to *~.cmusil
2006-11-08changed sig* to *_tildemusil
2006-10-31makefile_win update to pd-0.39-2musil
2006-04-11stopped pragma warnings on MinGW; the pragmas are just meant for MSVCHans-Christoph Steiner
2005-11-14moved most logic from individual makefiles into Make.includeIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-11-14include ../../Make.include for things like the path to the pd-sourcesIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-09-03added "-fPIC" to the CFLAGS, since x86_64 needs thisIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-07-07*** empty log message ***musil
2005-06-29*** empty log message ***musil
2005-06-06removed the removal of *.o files after compilation (eases re-compilation)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-06-02updated to release-1.16IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-03-09sync with last iem 1.15 !musil
2004-05-18This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r1738,svn2git-rootHans-Christoph Steiner