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2015-03-07Pd-files shall not be executableIOhannes m zmölnig
2015-03-05proper autotools build-systemIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-03-08[mtx_ei~] Binaural Excitation Inhibition pattern (ITD,ILD)Franz Zotter
2011-02-10moved iemmatrix-meta.pd into rootIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-02-10commas need to be escapedIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-30generate version.txt & iemmatrix-meta.pdIOhannes m zmölnig
2011-01-22[mtx_bessel] added, using math.h bessel functions Jn,Yn for integer nFranz Zotter
2011-01-21added -meta.pd file to iemmatrixRoman Haefeli
2010-06-22added [mtx_cumprod] and [mtx_polyval] to evaluate polynomialsFranz Zotter
2009-10-11added [mtx_spherical_radial], the radial functions of the spherical base-solu...Franz Zotter
2009-06-17modified the chebyshev12 routine to put out readily normalized circular harmo...Franz Zotter
2009-06-09adding [mtx_qr] using gsl support; performs QR-decomposition, but Q is not im...Franz Zotter
2009-01-14renamed [mtx_sh] to [mtx_spherical_harmonics].Franz Zotter
2009-01-12help file for mtx_shFranz Zotter
2009-01-12added [mtx_sh] for spherical harmonics evaluation.Franz Zotter
2009-01-10added [mtx_eig] to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors using GSL. Something ...Franz Zotter
2009-01-09added [mtx_svd] for singular value decomposition with the GNU scientific libr...Franz Zotter
2008-11-03[mtx_unpack~] added to complete [mtx_pack~]Franz Zotter
2008-10-22added small documentationsFranz Zotter
2008-07-22corrected [mtx_rfft] and [mtx_rifft] memory bugs. Franz Zotter
2008-07-22added fftw3 (uncompiled) to the mtx_rfft.c and mtx_rifft.c sources.Franz Zotter
2008-07-22changed from mtx_rowrfft and mtx_rowrifft to Franz Zotter
2008-01-03fixed mtx_diegg and tests (it was really inconsistent)IOhannes m zmölnig
2006-09-11mtx_window: please look into the help patch, its great!Franz Zotter
2006-08-28added a few element wise operationsFranz Zotter
2006-08-23mtx_conv: one or two dimensional convolution for matrices. help-patchFranz Zotter
2006-07-26added help for mtx_:Franz Zotter
2006-07-26correction of short description.Franz Zotter
2006-07-19added help files for several mtx externalsFranz Zotter
2006-07-19added rowrfft helpFranz Zotter
2006-03-29updated and new help-patchesIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-03-29a help patch for this objectIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-03-28new help patchesIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-03-282 more help-patchesIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-03-28renamed help-patches; split meta help-patches into smaller ones; TODO: reflec...IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-06-27added [mtx_dbtorms] and [mtx_rmstodb]IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-06-14added [mtx_exp] and [mtx_log]IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-05-11better help (including new features like pseudoinverse)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-04-12added and updated helpIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-03-21This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2637,svn2git-rootIOhannes m zmölnig