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2006-03-29new tests for known bugsIOhannes m zmölnig
2006-03-09run test-suite on w32musil
2005-12-15added tests for mtx_min, mtx_max and mtx_minmaxIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-24use smaller values for shifting ("<<123" is likely to produce very big results!)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-20function checksIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-20tests for per-element unary operatorsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-19tests whether sources output correct-sized matricesIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-19tests for sourcesIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-18*** empty log message ***IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-18test for generic binopsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-17added new function-testsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-17test functionsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-17renamed tests to have an index (good if we want a certain order of tests)IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-17added tests for abstractionsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-17enabled testIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14updated to also report the total number of tests to be executed (not necessar...IOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14added testIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14renamed testsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14fixed testsIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14updatedIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-14print out a summaryIOhannes m zmölnig
2005-10-13added (simple) regression tests for objects; currrently the only test perform...IOhannes m zmölnig