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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-10Fixed a typo in helpfile.B. Bogart
2010-08-06Added call to gp_file_free() to fix the file descriptor leak when B. Bogart
2010-03-09Made some slight changes, for example the limit of ~500 images is likely B. Bogart
2010-02-19Removed "camera free" messages.B. Bogart
2010-02-19Added "open" and "close" methods so that many commands can be executed B. Bogart
2009-04-24The makefile now includes debugging options by B. Bogart
2009-04-17Now the captureimages selector sends a float for the index of each image B. Bogart
2009-03-30Missed a semicolon.B. Bogart
2009-03-30Added captureimages selector which allows the long-term reexecution of B. Bogart
2009-03-29The captureimages method worked a lot betterl, 10,000 iterations.B. Bogart
2009-03-27Fixed one of the multiple-iteration crashes when capturing images by B. Bogart
2009-03-21Wrapped all pd functions with sys_lock() and sys_unlock().B. Bogart
2009-03-19Added COPYING and a couple README files.B. Bogart
2009-03-19First functional version of gphoto PD external.B. Bogart