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2013-01-17fix bug where outlet order was reversed, bug report and patch from Mike ↵Hans-Christoph Steiner
McGonagle svn path=/trunk/externals/chaos/; revision=16908
2011-10-20ported chaos to the Library Template, now with libchaos supportHans-Christoph Steiner
svn path=/trunk/externals/bbogart/chaos/; revision=15625
2006-11-20with Ben's permission, I renamed the help files to all be in the standard ↵Hans-Christoph Steiner
format and removed the redundant class_sethelpsymbol() functions svn path=/trunk/externals/bbogart/chaos/; revision=6341
2003-09-30Opps - forgot to add the files that did not exist in chaosI!B. Bogart
svn path=/trunk/externals/bbogart/chaos/; revision=1052