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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-03-07restructured project (MSVC can't cope well with folder/classname mismatch)Thomas Grill
2006-03-06avoid memory allocationThomas Grill
2006-03-06many improvements:Thomas Grill
2006-01-28fixed line endings, now for realThomas Grill
2006-01-27Counter external class with new layout, usign virtual functionsThomas Grill
2006-01-19adding notes on how to compile an assemblyDavide Morelli
2006-01-16checking in the second example: CounterDavide Morelli
2006-01-16now selectors take delegates instead of function names, lists without selecto...Davide Morelli
2006-01-16updating examplesDavide Morelli
2006-01-16added arguments at initialization timeDavide Morelli
2006-01-16errors loading the assembly will no more crash pdDavide Morelli
2006-01-14outlet ready, multi-instance, split assembly in 2Davide Morelli
2006-01-13lists of atom working! still missing outputDavide Morelli
2006-01-13single atom ok, no luck with arraysDavide Morelli
2006-01-12working on lists of atomsDavide Morelli
2006-01-12lists of atoms still not workingDavide Morelli
2006-01-12checking in the c sharp partDavide Morelli