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1.0RC1 - (12.4.2005)
first check in pure-data.sourceforge.net
- added print feature and USB devices from posted by Marc Boon
0.9beta2 (somedate before 2004)
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-comport - PD External for the serial Ports
+bird - PD External for interfacing the flock of birds tracker.
Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics
Copyright (C) 1998-2005 Winfried Ritsch
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-comport - PD external for unix/windows to use the serial ports
+bird - PD external for unix/windows to use the flock of birds
(c) 1998-2005 Winfried Ritsch (see LICENCE.txt)
Institute for Electronic Music - Graz
-on Windows the COM0, COM1, ... are used and
-under Unix devices /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, ...
-and new on unix /dev/USB0, ... and can be accessed via a Index.
-Please see testcomport.pd for more help.
+the external comport is also needed for interfacing.
-USE: There should be a external comport.dll for windows, comport.pd_linux for linux and so on.
+Please see testbird.pd for more help.
+USE: There should be a external bird.dll for windows, bird.pd_linux for linux and so on.
just copy it to the extra folder of your pd Installation or working directory.
-Please see testcomport.pd for more help.
Unix (Linux):
make pd_linux, make pd_irix5, make pd_irix6
- should produce a comport.pd_linux, ....
+ should produce a bird.pd_linux, ....
Windows: use nmake or just use Fast Build under MSVC++