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+this ist ext13, a collection of externals for pd
+most of the code comes from other pd-object or externals
+and is just modifyed.
+you can use, copy modify, distribute... blahblah
+there`s no warranty for anything.
+ext13 is developed and tested in linux.
+if you need it for another platform, you have to do the work to port it
+to compile it to get a seperate file for each object (.pd_linux):
+make clean
+make dist
+will make a tarball of a libdir which can be dropped into place anywhere in
+Pd's path.
+don`t forget to put the files in your pd-path or do a
+-lib /path/to/ext13
+to be able to use it.
+ d13@klingt.org
+---------thanks to--------
+miller puckete and guenther geiger