BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
externals/flatguionly send draw updates if the diameter or value has changedHans-Christoph Steiner8 years
svn2git-headcommit 7e1757060e...IOhannes m zmölnig5 years
svn2git-rootcommit 2bc707741a...IOhannes m zmölnig5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-12-28only send draw updates if the diameter or value has changedHEADsvn2git-headexternals/flatguiHans-Christoph Steiner
2012-11-25removed mistakenly commited template fileHans-Christoph Steiner
2012-04-16quote font name in Tk -font triplets since font names can contain spacesHans-Christoph Steiner
2012-02-17fixed unescaped commasHans-Christoph Steiner
2012-02-14also call entry_activate() from selectfn() so it doesn't try to create the ha...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2011-11-18updated to use current iemgui API to get right of type-punningHans-Christoph Steiner
2011-10-23updated link to point to Tcl 8.5 docsHans-Christoph Steiner
2011-10-19added the ability to right-click to get the Pd popup menuHans-Christoph Steiner
2011-10-18new 'flatgui' lib made from the GUI objects of the old 'flatspace' libsvn2git-rootHans-Christoph Steiner