AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-09replaced -export_dynamic with --export-dynamic and -Wl,--export-dynamic whereHEADsvn2git-headexternals/frankensteinHans-Christoph Steiner
2008-06-19removed the svn:executable bit for code, patches and textIOhannes m zmölnig
2007-10-31common.pd_darwin is not an external. voicing_analyzer wasn't in the makefileDavide Morelli
2006-07-17adding copyright notices and acknowledgement for casey workDavid Plans Casal
2006-03-23Removing offensive .pptDavid Plans Casal
2006-02-11checking in linux makefileDavide Morelli
2006-02-11notes are sorted, makefile for VCToolKitDavide Morelli
2006-02-05makefile for free ms compilerDavide Morelli
2006-01-22fixed novelty indicatorDavide Morelli
2006-01-21added an outlet to chords_memory which tells you how new is the chord you are...Davide Morelli
2006-01-21removing obsolete memory fileDavide Morelli
2006-01-21number of voices is now settableDavide Morelli
2006-01-21added all maxlib chordsDavide Morelli
2006-01-21all msvc project files centralized in frankenstein.slnDavide Morelli
2006-01-16fixed bugs in evaluating indicesDavide Morelli
2006-01-15adding voicing_analyzer and fixing typosDavide Morelli
2006-01-15harmonizer improved, voicing_analyzer implemented, chords_memory: chords stuf...Davide Morelli
2006-01-15adding init feature (memory reinitialization)Davide Morelli
2006-01-15improving harmonizer, adding MSVC project filesDavide Morelli
2006-01-10adding feb patches for belfast and norwichDavid Plans Casal
2006-01-07changes to take rhythms_memory into account for compilationDavid Plans Casal
2006-01-07fixed silly bugsDavide Morelli
2006-01-04checking in the themes_memory skeleton, just a copy of rhythms_memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-28created the dummy variation functionDavide Morelli
2005-12-28fixed rhythms recognitionDavide Morelli
2005-12-27added rhythms playing. still need debuggingDavide Morelli
2005-12-26working on rhythms outputDavide Morelli
2005-12-22fixed a bug in duration2int, now rhythms_memory workingDavide Morelli
2005-12-22dummy rhythms_memory working, still buggyDavide Morelli
2005-12-15fixed a never-ending while in fitness4Davide Morelli
2005-12-15added more tech slidesDavide Morelli
2005-12-14added a new fitness functionDavide Morelli
2005-12-13fixing dumb errorsDavide Morelli
2005-12-13changing from 4 bars to 2 bars bufferDavide Morelli
2005-12-13fixing example patchDavide Morelli
2005-12-12presentation about current state of Frank developmentDavid Plans Casal
2005-12-10changing mode_t to chordmode_t as it conflicts with darwin stdlibDavid Plans Casal
2005-12-10adding the patch actually used in a performace as exampleDavide Morelli
2005-12-08adding exampleDavide Morelli
2005-12-08fixing thingsDavide Morelli
2005-12-08minor fixes but main bug still presentDavide Morelli
2005-12-07still buggy.. the rhythms..Davide Morelli
2005-12-07first version of rhythms_memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06added simpler functions to manage the rhythms memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06added simpler functions to manage the rhythms memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06finding rhythm functions readyDavide Morelli
2005-12-05adding the rest of the 9ths up to kDimMaj9David Plans Casal
2005-12-05workig on rhythm findingDavide Morelli
2005-12-05adding kDom9David Plans Casal
2005-12-05almost ready with common functions for rhythmsDavide Morelli