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committerGuenter Geiger <ggeiger@users.sourceforge.net>2006-06-01 06:53:39 +0000
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diff --git a/include/g_canvas.h b/include/g_canvas.h
index fbf2c16..0b24d43 100755
--- a/include/g_canvas.h
+++ b/include/g_canvas.h
@@ -36,16 +36,10 @@ glist has its own window, even if miniaturized.
/* NOTE: this file describes Pd implementation details which may change
in future releases. The public (stable) API is in m_pd.h. */
-#ifndef __G_CANVAS_H
#if defined(_LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS) || defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
-#include <pthread.h> /* TB: for t_garray */
/* --------------------- geometry ---------------------------- */
#define IOWIDTH 7 /* width of an inlet/outlet in pixels */
#define IOMIDDLE ((IOWIDTH-1)/2)
@@ -79,6 +73,9 @@ EXTERN_STRUCT _tscalar;
EXTERN_STRUCT _canvasenvironment;
#define t_canvasenvironment struct _canvasenvironment
+EXTERN_STRUCT _fielddesc;
+#define t_fielddesc struct _fielddesc
typedef struct _selection
t_gobj *sel_what;
@@ -161,6 +158,8 @@ struct _glist
int gl_screeny1;
int gl_screenx2;
int gl_screeny2;
+ int gl_xmargin; /* origin for GOP rectangle */
+ int gl_ymargin;
t_tick gl_xtick; /* ticks marking X values */
int gl_nxlabels; /* number of X coordinate labels */
t_symbol **gl_xlabel; /* ... an array to hold them */
@@ -181,7 +180,7 @@ struct _glist
unsigned int gl_willvis:1; /* make me visible after loading */
unsigned int gl_edit:1; /* edit mode */
unsigned int gl_isdeleting:1; /* we're inside glist_delete -- hack! */
- unsigned int gl_stretch:1; /* stretch contents on resize */
+ unsigned int gl_goprect:1; /* draw rectangle for graph-on-parent */
unsigned int gl_isgraph:1; /* show as graph on parent */
@@ -202,8 +201,6 @@ typedef struct _dataslot
t_symbol *ds_arraytemplate; /* filled in for arrays only */
} t_dataslot;
-/* T.Grill - changed t_pd member to t_pdobj to avoid name clashed */
typedef struct _template
t_pd t_pdobj; /* header */
@@ -221,28 +218,9 @@ struct _array
t_symbol *a_templatesym; /* template for elements */
int a_valid; /* protection against stale pointers into array */
t_gpointer a_gp; /* pointer to scalar or array element we're in */
- t_gstub *a_stub;
+ t_gstub *a_stub; /* stub for pointing into this array */
-struct _garray
- t_gobj x_gobj;
- t_glist *x_glist;
- t_array x_array; /* actual array; note only 4 fields used as below */
- t_symbol *x_name;
- t_symbol *x_realname; /* name with "$" expanded */
- t_float x_firstx; /* X value of first item */
- t_float x_xinc; /* X increment */
- char x_usedindsp; /* true if some DSP routine is using this */
- char x_saveit; /* true if we should save this with parent */
- char x_drawasrects; /* draw as rectangles, not a polygon */
- double x_lastupdate; /* T.Grill - clock_getlogicaltime() of last array update */
- pthread_mutex_t * x_mutex; /* TB: mutex */
/* structure for traversing all the connections in a glist */
typedef struct _linetraverser
@@ -327,7 +305,8 @@ typedef void (*t_parentvisfn)(t_gobj *x, struct _glist *glist,
int flag);
/* field a mouse click */
typedef int (*t_parentclickfn)(t_gobj *x, struct _glist *glist,
- t_scalar *sc, t_template *tmpl, float basex, float basey,
+ t_word *data, t_template *tmpl, t_scalar *sc, t_array *ap,
+ float basex, float basey,
int xpix, int ypix, int shift, int alt, int dbl, int doit);
struct _parentwidgetbehavior
@@ -356,6 +335,10 @@ extern t_canvas *canvas_list; /* list of all root canvases */
extern t_class *vinlet_class, *voutlet_class;
extern int glist_valid; /* incremented when pointers might be stale */
+#define PLOTSTYLE_POINTS 0 /* plotting styles for arrays */
+#define PLOTSTYLE_BEZ 2
/* ------------------- functions on any gobj ----------------------------- */
EXTERN void gobj_getrect(t_gobj *x, t_glist *owner, int *x1, int *y1,
int *x2, int *y2);
@@ -369,7 +352,6 @@ EXTERN int gobj_click(t_gobj *x, struct _glist *glist,
EXTERN void gobj_save(t_gobj *x, t_binbuf *b);
EXTERN void gobj_properties(t_gobj *x, struct _glist *glist);
EXTERN void gobj_save(t_gobj *x, t_binbuf *b);
-EXTERN void gobj_redraw(t_gobj *gobj, t_glist *glist);
/* -------------------- functions on glists --------------------- */
EXTERN t_glist *glist_new( void);
@@ -404,7 +386,6 @@ EXTERN float glist_ytopixels(t_glist *x, float yval);
EXTERN float glist_dpixtodx(t_glist *x, float dxpix);
EXTERN float glist_dpixtody(t_glist *x, float dypix);
-EXTERN void glist_redrawitem(t_glist *owner, t_gobj *gobj);
EXTERN void glist_getnextxy(t_glist *gl, int *xval, int *yval);
EXTERN void glist_glist(t_glist *g, t_symbol *s, int argc, t_atom *argv);
EXTERN t_glist *glist_addglist(t_glist *g, t_symbol *sym,
@@ -471,12 +452,12 @@ EXTERN void canvas_stowconnections(t_canvas *x);
EXTERN void canvas_restoreconnections(t_canvas *x);
EXTERN void canvas_redraw(t_canvas *x);
-EXTERN t_inlet *canvas_addinlet(t_canvas *x, t_pd *who, t_symbol *sym,
- t_symbol* h);
+EXTERN t_inlet *canvas_addinlet(t_canvas *x, t_pd *who, t_symbol *sym);
EXTERN void canvas_rminlet(t_canvas *x, t_inlet *ip);
EXTERN t_outlet *canvas_addoutlet(t_canvas *x, t_pd *who, t_symbol *sym);
EXTERN void canvas_rmoutlet(t_canvas *x, t_outlet *op);
-EXTERN void canvas_redrawallfortemplate(t_canvas *tmpl);
+EXTERN void canvas_redrawallfortemplate(t_template *tmpl, int action);
+EXTERN void canvas_redrawallfortemplatecanvas(t_canvas *x, int action);
EXTERN void canvas_zapallfortemplate(t_canvas *tmpl);
EXTERN void canvas_setusedastemplate(t_canvas *x);
EXTERN t_canvas *canvas_getcurrent(void);
@@ -517,8 +498,6 @@ EXTERN void canvas_setundo(t_canvas *x, t_undofn undofn, void *buf,
EXTERN void canvas_noundo(t_canvas *x);
EXTERN int canvas_getindex(t_canvas *x, t_gobj *y);
-/* T.Grill - made public for dynamic object creation */
-/* in g_editor.c */
EXTERN void canvas_connect(t_canvas *x,
t_floatarg fwhoout, t_floatarg foutno,t_floatarg fwhoin, t_floatarg finno);
EXTERN void canvas_disconnect(t_canvas *x,
@@ -541,14 +520,6 @@ EXTERN void linetraverser_start(t_linetraverser *t, t_canvas *x);
EXTERN t_outconnect *linetraverser_next(t_linetraverser *t);
EXTERN void linetraverser_skipobject(t_linetraverser *t);
-/* --------------------- functions on tscalars --------------------- */
-EXTERN void tscalar_getrect(t_tscalar *x, t_glist *owner,
- int *xp1, int *yp1, int *xp2, int *yp2);
-EXTERN void tscalar_vis(t_tscalar *x, t_glist *owner, int flag);
-EXTERN int tscalar_click(t_tscalar *x, int xpix, int ypix, int shift,
- int alt, int dbl, int doit);
/* --------- functions on garrays (graphical arrays) -------------------- */
EXTERN t_template *garray_template(t_garray *x);
@@ -557,7 +528,7 @@ EXTERN t_template *garray_template(t_garray *x);
EXTERN t_garray *graph_array(t_glist *gl, t_symbol *s, t_symbol *tmpl,
t_floatarg f, t_floatarg saveit);
EXTERN t_array *array_new(t_symbol *templatesym, t_gpointer *parent);
-EXTERN void array_resize(t_array *x, t_template *tmpl, int n);
+EXTERN void array_resize(t_array *x, int n);
EXTERN void array_free(t_array *x);
/* --------------------- gpointers and stubs ---------------- */
@@ -571,22 +542,27 @@ EXTERN void word_restore(t_word *wp, t_template *tmpl,
int argc, t_atom *argv);
EXTERN t_scalar *scalar_new(t_glist *owner,
t_symbol *templatesym);
+EXTERN void word_free(t_word *wp, t_template *tmpl);
EXTERN void scalar_getbasexy(t_scalar *x, float *basex, float *basey);
+EXTERN void scalar_redraw(t_scalar *x, t_glist *glist);
/* ------helper routines for "garrays" and "plots" -------------- */
-EXTERN int array_doclick(t_array *array, t_glist *glist, t_gobj *gobj,
+EXTERN int array_doclick(t_array *array, t_glist *glist, t_scalar *sc, t_array *ap,
t_symbol *elemtemplatesym,
- float linewidth, float xloc, float xinc, float yloc,
+ float linewidth, float xloc, float xinc, float yloc, float scalarvis,
+ t_fielddesc *xfield, t_fielddesc *yfield, t_fielddesc *wfield,
int xpix, int ypix, int shift, int alt, int dbl, int doit);
EXTERN void array_getcoordinate(t_glist *glist,
char *elem, int xonset, int yonset, int wonset, int indx,
float basex, float basey, float xinc,
+ t_fielddesc *xfielddesc, t_fielddesc *yfielddesc, t_fielddesc *wfielddesc,
float *xp, float *yp, float *wp);
EXTERN int array_getfields(t_symbol *elemtemplatesym,
t_canvas **elemtemplatecanvasp,
t_template **elemtemplatep, int *elemsizep,
+ t_fielddesc *xfielddesc, t_fielddesc *yfielddesc, t_fielddesc *wfielddesc,
int *xonsetp, int *yonsetp, int *wonsetp);
/* --------------------- templates ------------------------- */
@@ -607,6 +583,8 @@ EXTERN void template_setsymbol(t_template *x, t_symbol *fieldname,
EXTERN t_template *gtemplate_get(t_gtemplate *x);
EXTERN t_template *template_findbyname(t_symbol *s);
EXTERN t_canvas *template_findcanvas(t_template *tmpl);
+EXTERN void template_notify(t_template *tmpl,
+ t_symbol *s, int argc, t_atom *argv);
EXTERN t_float template_getfloat(t_template *x, t_symbol *fieldname,
t_word *wp, int loud);
@@ -616,6 +594,13 @@ EXTERN t_symbol *template_getsymbol(t_template *x, t_symbol *fieldname,
t_word *wp, int loud);
EXTERN void template_setsymbol(t_template *x, t_symbol *fieldname,
t_word *wp, t_symbol *s, int loud);
+EXTERN t_float fielddesc_getcoord(t_fielddesc *f, t_template *tmpl,
+ t_word *wp, int loud);
+EXTERN void fielddesc_setcoord(t_fielddesc *f, t_template *tmpl,
+ t_word *wp, float pix, int loud);
+EXTERN t_float fielddesc_cvttocoord(t_fielddesc *f, float val);
+EXTERN float fielddesc_cvtfromcoord(t_fielddesc *f, float coord);
/* ----------------------- guiconnects, g_guiconnect.c --------- */
EXTERN t_guiconnect *guiconnect_new(t_pd *who, t_symbol *sym);
@@ -628,9 +613,3 @@ EXTERN t_symbol *iemgui_dollar2raute(t_symbol *s);
#if defined(_LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS) || defined(__cplusplus)
-#define __G_CANVAS_H