path: root/gui/fatom.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2004-10-17fixed minimized window behaviourGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25Finally fixed the GOP behaviourGuenter Geiger
2004-02-06fixed widgetbehaviour for MS compilerGuenter Geiger
2003-11-05minor code cleanupGuenter Geiger
2003-10-27setsavefn fixes for 0.37Guenter Geiger
2003-09-15fixed pre 0.37 compilation via PD_VERSION_MINORGuenter Geiger
2003-09-15some bugfixes, GOP still not workingGuenter Geiger
2003-08-03several bug fixesGuenter Geiger
2003-07-21fixed pd0.37 buildGuenter Geiger
2003-06-19rtext_new_without_senditup replaced by rtext_new (hope this does not break an...Guenter Geiger
2003-06-12slider: added bang message, button width ajustment (still wrong)Guenter Geiger
2002-11-19trying to get the sizes rightGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30destroy for widgets addedGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30added button and some bugfixesGuenter Geiger