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2007-07-03updated windows macro to automatically defined _WIN32 to smooth Windows buildingHans-Christoph Steiner
2007-07-03added notes about the messages and en example about state savingHans-Christoph Steiner
2007-07-03added error report to [sustain( messageHans-Christoph Steiner
2006-11-29added a tiny bit of explanationHans-Christoph Steiner
2006-09-20made a functional exampleHans-Christoph Steiner
2006-02-23dregged out arguments and messages from sourceHans-Christoph Steiner
2005-11-14these pragmas are only used for MSVC, not MinGW or Cygwin, therefore changing...Hans-Christoph Steiner
2005-07-01who knows whatGuenter Geiger
2005-05-22Something weird is going on with CR, have to check that laterGuenter Geiger
2005-02-24remove leftoverGuenter Geiger
2005-02-08F**ed GOPGuenter Geiger
2004-10-17fixed minimized window behaviourGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25These got lost some dayGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25still have to go through the docs some dayGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25Finally fixed the GOP behaviourGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25readdedGuenter Geiger
2004-07-25Checking if I can change the permissionsGuenter Geiger
2004-04-08sooped up the help fileHans-Christoph Steiner
2004-02-06fixed widgetbehaviour for MS compilerGuenter Geiger
2003-11-05renamed help filesGuenter Geiger
2003-11-05minor code cleanupGuenter Geiger
2003-10-27setsavefn fixes for 0.37Guenter Geiger
2003-09-17added symbol methodGuenter Geiger
2003-09-16fixed bug when clicking at the very right, added recv symbolGuenter Geiger
2003-09-15fixed pre 0.37 compilation via PD_VERSION_MINORGuenter Geiger
2003-09-15added fatom text attributeGuenter Geiger
2003-09-15addedGuenter Geiger
2003-09-15some bugfixes, GOP still not workingGuenter Geiger
2003-08-11blahGuenter Geiger
2003-08-11added finetunable settingsGuenter Geiger
2003-08-03several bug fixesGuenter Geiger
2003-07-21fixed pd0.37 buildGuenter Geiger
2003-06-23removed documentation (only in build/doc now)Guenter Geiger
2003-06-19rtext_new_without_senditup replaced by rtext_new (hope this does not break an...Guenter Geiger
2003-06-12slider: added bang message, button width ajustment (still wrong)Guenter Geiger
2003-06-10removed m_imp.h, fixed bug in buttonGuenter Geiger
2002-12-13drawing second inletGuenter Geiger
2002-12-13* fixed weird behaviour introduced by warning cleanupGuenter Geiger
2002-11-26warning reductionGuenter Geiger
2002-11-26addedGuenter Geiger
2002-11-19trying to get the sizes rightGuenter Geiger
2002-10-25fiddling with build systemGuenter Geiger
2002-10-21fixed build errorsGuenter Geiger
2002-08-06fiddled around with size, still no resultGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30destroy for widgets addedGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30button and sliderh really addedGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30added button and some bugfixesGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30remove debug message from image.c and fatom.pd fileGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30deleted the stupid statesGuenter Geiger
2002-07-30next step towards gui revivalGuenter Geiger