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@@ -7,62 +7,15 @@ USB knobs, touchscreens, Apple IR Remotes, etc. It represents the data with a
cross-platform message scheme which is then translated to the underlying
native API for input devices (Linux input.h or Mac OS X HID Utilities).
+For GNU/Linux, there are varying restrictions on getting the USB HID
+data, so you will need to make sure you have permissions to read the
+/dev/input/event* devices in order to get data with [hid]. There are
+some docs to help you with this:
-There are two included binaries:
-hid.pd_darwin = Darwin/PowerPC and Mac OS X
-hid.pd_linux = Linux/PowerPC
+For those interested in output support, and a cleaner message system,
+checkout the alpha [hidio]:
-WARNING!! This build system in this directory is deprecated and no longer
-maintained! "cd externals/ && make hid" is probably what you want now. This
-is also part of the Pd-extended build system.
-The compiler needs to know where the Pd source is to find the headers, and the
-linker needs to know where the Pd binary is to check symbols. You can either
-set these on the command line or edit the Makefile
- make INCLUDE=/path/to/pd/src PDEXECUTABLE=/path/to/pd/bin/pd
-On GNU/Linux, this is likely to look like:
- make INCLUDE=/usr/local/src/pd-0.38-2/src PDEXECUTABLE=/usr/local/bin/pd
-On Darwin/Mac OS X, this is like to look like:
- make INCLUDE=/usr/local/src/pd/src PDEXECUTABLE=/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd
-To compile a debug version, edit these lines in hid.c (about line 32):
-//#define DEBUG(x)
-#define DEBUG(x) x
-Swap the commented lines so it looks like the lines above then recompile.
-To install, you can add these lines to your .pdrc:
--path /path/to/hid-0.5
--helppath /path/to/hid-0.5
-Or you can copy the files to another place:
-mv *-help.pd examples/*.pd /path/to/doc/5.reference
-mv *.pd *.pd_* /path/to/extra