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authorHans-Christoph Steiner <eighthave@users.sourceforge.net>2007-07-26 07:31:38 +0000
committerHans-Christoph Steiner <eighthave@users.sourceforge.net>2007-07-26 07:31:38 +0000
commitd2294dd2e48471927a7272f545e2fc6623c6b97d (patch)
treea1fa840606373a5d493905026ece30f28995e02a /hidio.h
parentc71b92fd92572f60914bb39fd485c4331aa8caf6 (diff)
first functional output test on GNU/Linux: I can control the keyboard LEDs. Others should be possible, but Linux doesn't recognize the output types of any of my other devices :(
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 16 deletions
diff --git a/hidio.h b/hidio.h
index 8fd6c91..f6695ee 100644
--- a/hidio.h
+++ b/hidio.h
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ typedef void t_clock;
-/* static char *version = "$Revision: 1.19 $"; */
+/* static char *version = "$Revision: 1.20 $"; */
@@ -186,9 +186,11 @@ extern t_int hidio_open_device(t_hidio *x, short device_number);
extern t_int hidio_close_device(t_hidio *x);
extern void hidio_build_device_list(void);
extern void hidio_get_events(t_hidio *x);
+extern void hidio_write_event(t_hidio *x, t_symbol *type, t_symbol *code,
+ t_float instance, t_float value);
extern void hidio_print(t_hidio* x); /* print info to the console */
-extern void hidio_platform_specific_info(t_hidio* x); /* device info on the status outlet */
-extern void hidio_platform_specific_free(t_hidio *x);
+extern void hidio_platform_specific_info(t_hidio *x); /* device info on the status outlet */
+extern void hidio_platform_specific_free(t_hidio *x);
extern void *hidio_platform_specific_new(t_hidio *x);
extern short get_device_number_by_id(unsigned short vendor_id, unsigned short product_id);
/* TODO: this function should probably accept the single unsigned for the combined usage_page and usage, instead of two separate variables */
@@ -196,19 +198,6 @@ extern short get_device_number_from_usage(short device_number,
unsigned short usage_page,
unsigned short usage);
-/* cross-platform force feedback functions */
-extern void hidio_ff_autocenter(t_hidio *x, t_float value);
-extern void hidio_ff_gain(t_hidio *x, t_float value);
-extern void hidio_ff_motors(t_hidio *x, t_float value);
-extern void hidio_ff_continue(t_hidio *x);
-extern void hidio_ff_pause(t_hidio *x);
-extern void hidio_ff_reset(t_hidio *x);
-extern void hidio_ff_stopall(t_hidio *x);
-/* these are just for testing... */
-extern void hidio_ff_fftest (t_hidio *x, t_float value);
-extern void hidio_ff_print(t_hidio *x);
* event symbols array sizes