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abstractions/ptz-cameraAdded "home" message to centre head.B. Bogart12 years
svn2git-headcommit ba4c5729b2...IOhannes m zmölnig6 years
svn2git-rootcommit d0194be098...IOhannes m zmölnig6 years
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2009-04-01Added "home" message to centre head.HEADsvn2git-headabstractions/ptz-cameraB. Bogart
2009-03-19Added abstraction to control Directed Perception Pan/Tilt units.B. Bogart
2007-04-19Removed elmo.pd dependancy on prepend.B. Bogart
2007-03-14Added a help file, fixed the reference to "membrane" added a readme and copying.B. Bogart
2007-03-14Added the python class to convert bytes to CVS since its currently aB. Bogart
2007-03-10Initial check-in for elmo object to control serial pan-tilt-zoom camerasvn2git-rootB. Bogart