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2006-02-05makefile for free ms compilerDavide Morelli
2006-01-15adding voicing_analyzer and fixing typosDavide Morelli
2006-01-07fixed silly bugsDavide Morelli
2005-12-14added a new fitness functionDavide Morelli
2005-12-07first version of rhythms_memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06added simpler functions to manage the rhythms memoryDavide Morelli
2005-12-06finding rhythm functions readyDavide Morelli
2005-12-04changed from durations to start styleDavide Morelli
2005-12-03again some more common functionsDavide Morelli
2005-11-30going little further with common functionsDavide Morelli
2005-10-18initial checkinsvn2git-rootDavide Morelli